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When you tweet a tweet of encouragement with #DuckDuckGo you help DuckDuck create awareness that helps others know more about DuckDuck and how they can help!

If you would like to help make a direct positive impact you can make a donation to an organization like this one. Birdlife South Africa If you like what you see here at DuckDuckGo and want to help us do more we could really use your donations creatively. Donate to DuckDuckGo If you are more of a hands on humanoid then maybe you just need a little more information on how you can get involved and a website like this could be a great place to start. www.10000birds.com

What the Squawk

DuckDuck Go is the flight of a virtual Goose named DuckDuck who is looking for a new home in his dwindling habitat before he runs out of fuel! You can Encourage him with a Tweet using #DuckDuckGo, make a donation to organizations that help birds like him or give us a contribution to keep this site up in the air.

DuckDuck Go is a social experimental initiative designed to create maximum awareness about the plight of our worlds endangered bird species. Fuelled by nothing more than a little hashtagging and goodwill donations & contributions.

Egg Me On

Although Duckduck is fuelled by your tweets
He loves it when you send him some encouragement!